Hi, I'm Marlo Mack.  I’m a single mom raising a young transgender daughter. We live in Seattle. 

With my daughter's help, I produce How to Be a Girl, an audio podcast about our life together and the challenges we face. 

I also write a blog,  www.gendermom.com. You can learn a lot more about us there.  Or you can watch this cartoon I made about how our story began.

HTBAG is a proud member of a scrappy little collective of independent podcasters called The Heard. They produce some amazing stories and I hope you'll check them out:

Interested in supporting this podcast? You can make teeny-tiny donations at this website.  There's also a little cartoon I made that you can watch - even if you don't donate a penny!

Marlo Mack is a pseudonym.  I want to let my daughter decide - when she's a bit older - who gets to know that she's transgender. So I'm keeping our identities private for now.  I hope you will understand and respect that.